The Artist

Combining abstract geometry and traditional art, my artwork is composed of a wide range of different materials, where the elements tangle and collide, where the iciness of steel contrasts with the softness of natural stones, where the luster of marble counterbalances the ruggedness of crushed stone, the embodied art swirls and transforms itself continuously until finally, it reaches a state of equilibrium. After selecting a variety of materials that inspire me, I start my work, I superpose lines and curves, I play with hills and valleys, I reconcile forms and textures, I let it all evolve by itself only to stop it all when, intuitively, the ensemble harmonizes itself.

Originally from Beyrouth, Samar Maalouf is a contemporary mosaist living today in Montreal. After exposing in different showrooms and fairs worldwide (from Lebanon, through France, to Canada), she teaches painting and drawing at the college level as well as many private classes.
Samar currently focuses herself on the creation of her own collection of mosaics and on the development of her studio in Montreal.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, UQAM, Montreal, Canada

Restoration of Works of Art (Intensive Workshop), Lebanon

Pottery Workshop, Lebanon

Master of Fine Arts, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Beirut, Lebanon


Scholarship Holder at the ferric sculpture studio of the National School of Modern Art, Cergy-Pontoise, France

Winner of the 1st prize at the Byblos Bank contest, Beirut

Selected Collections

Eparchie St-Maron (Stained Glass), Montreal, QC, Canada

Paul Martin Collection, Montreal QC, Canada

Montessori School, Lasalle, QC, Canada

St-Antoine The Great (Mosaic), Outremont, QC, Canada

Byblos Bank, Beirut

Ministry of Education, Beirut